Holiday Eating

Christmas Holidays. What’s one of the first things that pops in your head when you think of the Christmas holidays. I don’t know about you, but besides the obvious quality time spent with family, it’s good food, baked goods, and Christmas dinners. There’s always the jokes about the 5-10lbs people gain over the holiday season… Read more →

Top 10 Not-So-Obvious Fat-Loss Mistakes

I’m sure many of you, who have signed up for the 12 days of fitness promotion, already have received a copy of the 22-page report I did on the Top 10 Not-So-Obvious Fat-Loss Mistakes, but if by chance you haven’t, you can get it here, Top 10 Not-So-Obvious Fat-Loss Mistakes I think you’ll enjoy this.. Read more →

That Little Extra Focus …

I talk a lot about nutrition being the key to successful fat loss and how weight training and/or cardio fall a distant second to nutrition when it comes to maximizing your results. I’ve also said many a time that you can’t ‘out exercise’ a bad diet. I think most of us who’ve been in this.. Read more →

Use an Outcome-Based Approach

One of the biggest dieting mistakes a person can make is not using an ‘outcome-based approach’. Think about it. If something is broken, you fix it right? Well, what do you do if your training and nutrition program stops producing the desired results? You think you’re doing the right thing; you’re eating well, you’re lifting.. Read more →

Building Muscle and Eating …

Ok, as I said yesterday, I was going to try to update frequently and figured my training updates would serve as some easy ones. I’ve been on my current plan for about 6 weeks now. Strength gains have been good and consistent, but my overall size gains have been less than optimal. I chalk that.. Read more →

Basic Primer on Effective Training – Overload

The Overload Principle as at the root of all training progress. It states that a greater than normal stress on the body is required for a training adaptation to take place. The body will in turn adapt to this increased stress. In the context of getting stronger, you must subject your body to stresses greater.. Read more →