Be your own healthcare advocate

December 7th, 2015 by

Doctors are amazing, aren’t they? Some, though, just refuse to listen and work with you as a patient. It can really be frustrating and leave some people unwell.

You’re a team – you and your doctor. If you don’t feel well or you aren’t getting the answers to your questions, don’t hesitate to raise more questions; it’s your body and your health! If the doctor is threatened by you having done research, bringing in additional information and asking lots of questions then it’s likely time to move on because they aren’t listening.

We are more thank just lab ranges. As a long term thyroid/hormone patient I’ve had my share of doctors but I will not tolerate a doctor that doesn’t listen to me, dismisses how I feel or under-treats me when even the labs that some drs worship are flagging an issue. . It’s my/our right as a patient to expect that much; I share/advocate that with clients too.

Find someone who is willing to spend time listening to you, accept that you are a participant in your health, allows you to have input and present information too..I’ve often suggested compounding pharmacies as they make great references.

tt can be frustrating at times but its worth it. Its YOUR health.