About: Ileen Natic

Shortly before turning 40, nearly two years after the birth of her fifth son, Ileen started her journey out of shape and overweight, on a mission to get healthy and fit. That mission turned into a passion for health, fitness, and hormones research. Her personal struggles with Graves’s and  Hashimoto’s diseases and the hormonal upheavals of menopause led to researching how hormones can interfere with not only with one’s well being but also with one’s success with fat loss and fitness. Ileen has utilized that gathered knowledge to assist countless others on how to educate and advocate for themselves and be proactive in their thyroid and hormone-related health issues.

Having been a client of Lean Bodies Consulting since 2006 (one of LBC’s longest standing clients), Ileen was mentored into the ways and methodologies of Lean Bodies Consulting regarding nutrition and fitness. Not only has she reached above and beyond her dreams in both fitness and physique goals under Erik’s coaching, she remains immersed as a contributing member of numerous online discussion groups related to health, fitness, diet, and thyroid-related matters including being a contributor and the main moderator of LBC’s Lean Bodies Fitness Forum. (replace that text with hyperlink to http://www.leanbodiesfitness.com/) Even before Ileen became an LBC coach, she has been Erik’s “go to” resource for client issues related to various female hormone issues and struggles by reviewing blood work results, suggesting resources for alternative help, etc.

Outside of coaching LBC clients, Ileen exercises her love for children as a preschool teacher. Her favorite hobbies include cooking, reading, and relaxing on the beach in Destin, Florida with her family.

Ileen’s own before-and-after is highlighted on the LBC client page here – https://www.leanbodiesconsulting.com/clients/ilene-natic/