About: Amy Ledin

Amy came to Lean Bodies Consulting after owning and operating Curls & Whey Training, an online little sister company to LBC.
Her passion in the fitness industry stems from struggling with weight for all of her teen and young adult life. If the diet had a name, chances are she had tried it. Latest fat burner? Tried it. Phen Phen? Tried it.
Finally adopting a sustainable way to lose weight, Amy went on to lose 90 pounds and keep it off. This is also when she was introduced to the gym, where she fell in love with it and taught boot camps for the U.S. Navy for several years.
Amy then went on to start her own online training company, Curls & Whey Training, birthed from Lean Bodies Consulting. But after years of having two separate companies, husband (Lean Bodies Consulting and wife (Curls and Whey Training) became one at Lean Bodies Consulting.

Amy has always had a passion for the kitchen. With all the diets she had tried over the years, one thing missing was good food! So while working as a client with LBC back in 2009, she started a recipe blog that soon became well received by fellow dieters as people really enjoyed the creativity, and more importantly, the way it tasted.

Her mentorship under Erik Ledin, along with her struggles with her own weight for many years, and a desire to have good food in her diet, has really helped mold her into the coach she is today.
Outside of coaching, Amy loves to spend time with her 5 children, and having lots of date nights with her husband. Amy and Erik travel a lot, and show that you can have a busy life and still be in great shape.