As coaches, it is our job to expect more from you

November 3rd, 2014 by

It is my job as a coach to expect more from you. I completely understand that fitness is not your #1 all the time. Everyone is tired, busy, etc. The bottom line is that YOU set a goal. You have a desire to change, and that takes work.

Making fitness a priority is YOUR job and mine is to support you in that decision by giving you the tools for success. That includes telling you what you NEED to hear, even when you don’t WANT to hear it.

I feel for each one of my clients unique struggles. I am sympathetic to their situations. I know this is a challenge.
That doesn’t mean that I am going to become an enabler. I assure you that everyone has ups and downs. Everyone has something else they could be doing besides going to the gym or meal prep.

There are a million excuses and very few reasons. Do you know how to tell the difference? A reason is temporary. Excuses continue. Sickness is a reason not to train. Not feeling like getting up an hour earlier to fit it in is an excuse.

When you hire a coach, you made a decision to commit to fitness. While it may not ever be #1, it should be high on your list. This isn’t a commitment to take with a grain of salt. We aren’t another fad diet. We expect high compliance with diet and training. We want you to be your best. Change doesn’t happen in your comfort zone. It happens when you push yourself. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable if you really want to see a difference in your physique.

Changing your body requires changing your mind. Let’s face it, a bad attitude gets you no where. You sought a change because you wanted more, don’t let old lifestyle choices rob you of what you are capable of just because it is hard. You have the tools, use them. Your goal, your efforts, your results. If it were easy, everyone would have it! I want more for you.

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