Competitor Obsessiveness

September 16th, 2012 by

I am amazed at the obsession that some competitors or wannabe future competitors have. A body that is all but screaming at you for help and to stop the assault you’re subjecting it to and all they can think about is, “But my dream is to compete, I must become a pro. I just must! If I don’t see this through I am going to feel like a failure.”

And I say – “You really need to pay attention to what’s happening NOW because these ‘issues’ are going to get worse and fast if you don’t. It’s generally not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. Your body is whispering to you now, but it will be screaming at you eventually. Then what? You get one body; protect it!”

Will it be worth it then?

“But, but, but, yes, I agree with you and I realize that my body is not responding no matter what I do … but can you help make it respond now? I’ve got 8 weeks. I’m not a quitter.”

You don’t get out of something the same way you came into it. You can’t diet your way out of what you dieted your way into.

And then? Desperate for help AFTER it’s too late. There are countless girls who can attest to the fact that, “the consequences I’m dealing with now? It just was not worth it.”

And when I say, “sorry, I just cannot in good conscience agree to help you further down this path (because even doing it in a ‘sane and healthy’ way when you’re already having problems, well, it only leads to more problems),” the reply is basically, “thanks for your opinion” and then I’m sure it’s off to contact another coach.

Perhaps I’m one of the few responsible coaches out there, who knows I hope not, but I’m absolutely not going to ignore obvious warning signs in a person and further sacrifice long-term metabolic health for a chance at a trophy. My answer is “No, I can’t help you get ready for your show. Why? Because you SHOULD NOT BE DIETING FOR ONE!”

Honestly, this saddens me, but unfortunately, many have to learn the hard way.