Adopt the 90/10 strategy as a rule for following your plan

July 17th, 2017 by

It isn’t uncommon to have “temptations” to go off-plan at social events and parties. It is also not uncommon to feel pressure to “relax a little” or “give in” to what others want from you. It is natural behavior to want to be a part of the crowd, not stand out, sacrifice your personal goals for the comfort of others. But where is the line drawn?

I know you wouldn’t do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING for the sake of others. I know there are certain things in your life that are just non-negotiable. They are your rules to live by, your moral convictions, your deeply ingrained belief system. There is no weakness there, and there will be no conversation about changing them. It is like asking someone who thrives on cleanliness to leave the spill on the counter because a clean house is uncomfortable for the messier people. It is against their moral fiber. It is not a decision they have to make because the decision was made before it happened. There is a mess, they clean it up.

So how do you make following your plan a rule, without turning into an unbalanced person? You adopt the 90/10 strategy as that rule. Following your moral convictions means having integrity. If it is something that you are on the fence about yourself, how do you expect succeed when times are tough? Instead of being prepared you are left to decide. How many decisions you already had to make that day, will impact your ability to decide to support your goals.

Decide before you go, and then stop deciding. Make your choice a rule, and see how much easier it is to succeed.

There will always be an opportunity to sabotage your goals. Your journey won’t be easy or effortless. But you can make it a lot easier on yourself, by tapping into your ability to make your priorities part of your moral code. These are your non-negotiables. Write them down, own them as yours.